Research Generate Beautify

Digital Design Services for Your Small Business


We focus on understanding the people for whom we’re designing.
By approaching familiar people & things as though
they are unknown to us, we begin to see them clearly.


We create multiple design alternatives from a single idea.
There is no single solution, there are multiple great ones
& You choose the design that best fits your needs.


Our initiative is to allow your business to shine.
We will improve the appearance of your business
and deliver integrity & attention-to-detail to every project.


We Are

A Digital Light Design Lab

Red, Green & Blue (RGB) is a color space that is based on light. Through different combinations of red, green & blue light any color can be created. White light is produced with the proper mixture of red, green & blue light. 

The RGB color space is used primarily by screens (phones, tablets, computers, TVs, projectors, etc.) where web & video content dominate. In this audiovisual world of today, it’s more likely the first impression of your business will be made online. Just as the RGB color space is primary to the light, we apply our Research, Generate & Beautify design process to your personal needs. We marry our intention of design integrity with our devotion to making your business shine with it's own light.


First You Should Know

While printers can't print light, BitBit Labs can help publish your own light to this digital world.

We are here to help design, develop & publish your website.  Design or redesign your brand.  Produce image or video marketing content for your social feeds & more.  Web hosting for your website can also be offered as a service. 

If you just need someone to manage or update your existing website we can do that.  If consulting services are what you seek, we are here.  We can customize our services for your specific needs.

Graphic + Branding Design


Web Design + Development


Digital Marketing


Motion Graphics + Video



The Approach To How We Do Things

  • Discuss
  • Create
  • Produce
  • Be Happy


Full-service Web Design + Development Company Offering A Variety Of Capabilities

Graphic + Branding Design

From visual identity to overall brand strategy, we work to differentiate your brand & connect it to who matters most. Be it logos, elements, adverts to business swag, we’ll design anything you need to convey your brand identity.

Web Design

A website should be 3 things: human-centered, compelling & future-proof. Our collaborative process involves you every step of the way, ensuring that your website truly represents you & your business while achieving your goals.

Web Development

A site isn’t just a URL, it’s essential to marketing & business strategy. It’s an extension of a brand & an experience for consumers. From a beautiful design to custom-code, the development phase brings your digital vision to life.

Digital Marketing

We can develop a digital marketing strategy & marketing content (like memes) to stimulate traffic to your business. We use 4 main ingredients: the right message, to the right people, on the right platform & at the right time.

Video + Animation

Video marketing is a powerful addition to a brand’s promotional toolbox. It’s one of the most versatile digital strategies. It enables you to tell your brand’s or product’s story in a fun, engaging way in a matter of a few minutes.

Support + Hosting

Our ongoing website support & maintenance provide a resource for any technical issue that may arise. Additionally we can also handle site hosting, backups, malware/virus scanning, SEO, domain name management & more.


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