BitBit Labs Can

  • Create memorable digital experiences for your visitors with color-rich design.
  • Carry visitors fluidly through a unique, brilliant journey representing your unique industry and offering.
  • Enhance your vision.
  • Clarify your mission.

We Help With

Brand & Identity Design

Need to define or refresh your company’s presence? Our specialists can help you explore steps from initial investigation to developing a narrative, crafting a strategy, and designing your ideal brand.

Web Design & Development

With good design aesthetics, we create appealing & powerful digital experiences that urges users to take action. We aim to drive traffic, sales & social engagement.

Copywriting & Strategy

Need help developing irresistible & shareable content? We can help you write your webcopy, blog, advertisements, social media posts, email blasts, or any other messages you want to express.

Search Engine Optimization

Whether attracting website visitors from San Francisco or any other city in the world, we build business websites that visitors can easily find.

Virtual Marketing

We can help you develop irresistible and shareable content. A compelling infographic or meme can ignite a viral conversation.

Social Media Management

Our social media assistant can manage your social channels, engage with your audience, tackle your schedule & more.

eCommerce Development

With the right eCommerce website, we can help you increase leads, conversions & sales.

Maintenance & Support

Our ongoing website maintenance includes updates, improving, fixing & creating new content. Let us maintain & maximize your online presence over time with our services.

Our Light Of Reason

Our creative process rests on the RGB color-space for creating light and pleasurable design impressions. Red, Green & Blue (RGB) is a color-space based on light and used by the screens on which we access web content. RGB color-combinations produce wide spectrums of design options and color-rich interaction. Just as the RGB color-space is primary to the light, our Research, Generate & Beautify approach is primary to us in helping your business shine.


Our people-first philosophy helps us understand our clients’ goals, first and foremost. Our interactive, fun questionnaires and friendly customer service helps you discuss your business, its needs, your professional desires and aesthetic taste. BitBit Labs will illuminate your business identity and deliver a design that underlines every strategic and tactical point you believe in.


There is no single design solution, there are multiple great ones and you choose the design that best fits your needs. While all design decisions have consequences. We work with you to prioritize the best interests of your brand before making significant design decisions. Beyond the integrity of your brand we consider; who your users are, what information, and what interactions are most valuable to them. We then leverage this to guide our design choices to have a positive consequence for your brand.


Let your business shine with integrity as we build, publish, and beautify its online presence with precision and care. Improve the appearance and image of your business with technical expertise and customized service that speaks to your visitors.

Client Samples

  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development

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